Our Mission

OpenACAI Inc is a non-profit organization that was established in the USA in the state of Missouri in 2023. Our mission is to provide services to low income families and small business owners who meet the federal poverty line up to 299% of it. We believe that everyone deserves access to basic needs, opportunities, and support.

Our Beliefs

OpenACAI Inc. believes in empowerment, opportunity, and support. We hold that every individual, regardless of their income status, deserves access to basic needs. Our core belief is that with the right tools and support, people can rise above their challenges and be successful.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by low income families and small businesses. We aim to help these individuals meet their basic needs, seize opportunities, and get the support they need to thrive.

How We Achieve Our Mission

We achieve our mission by running a range of programs that offer services like mental health support, access to AI services, tech support, and more. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve and are delivered by a dedicated team of volunteers who share our commitment to making a positive difference.